Elk Network85-Year-Old Grandma Keeps on Hunting, Punches Her Tag

General | December 7, 2018

Mary Brittain loves to hunt. She’s been doing it for more than half a century in her home state of Oregon. But back then was a lot different than today when she had to walk behind her husband, observe and learn.

“I didn’t carry a gun then,” Brittain told Fox News. “He would make me walk behind him while he taught me to hunt. Then I started killing my own deer. It wasn’t long after that he got a gun for me because he knew I knew how to use it and was safe, so he bought me a Savage 30-30 lever action.”

Even though her husband passed away a few years ago, Brittain continues to hunt with other members of her extended family.  She killed a mule deer this season to fill her freezer but that’s not her favorite part of spending time afield.

“It’s not the killing part, but the excitement of seeing them and trying to outsmart them,” she said. “We don’t do what you see on TV where they put out food for the deer. We’re out there beating the brush, walking and walking.”

(Photo source: Fox News)