Elk NetworkBiologists Plead with Public to Stop Attracting Bears

General | February 25, 2020

“A fed bear is a dead bear.” That statement continues to ring true in many locations where bears interact with humans. And we’re not just talking about intentionally feeding bears either. Oftentimes, landowners unknowingly lure animals to their property by not bear-proofing, and the results are often deadly for bears.

Recent statistics from Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) spell that out. From April 1 to December 31, 2019, CPW received 5,369 bear calls. Here’s the breakdown:

1,728 related to trash

1,171 related to other food attractants (fruit trees, beehives, chicken coops, livestock feed bins)

517 dwelling break-ins

397 related to bird-feeders

303 vehicle break-ins

92 bears euthanized

Biologists urge homeowners to avoid leaving trash outside, build a bear-proof enclosure or install an electric fence; store birdfeeders from March through late November; clean and secure BBQ grills, pet food and livestock feed; keep no food in cars; secure outbuildings and never feed bears.

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(Photo source: Colorado Parks and Wildlife)