Elk NetworkE-Scouting for Elk with Randy Newberg and onX (Part 1)

Hunting | June 26, 2018

Randy Newberg and onX have teamed up for a summer-long series that will walk viewers through the step-by-step process of E-scouting for elk. Whether the unit is in your own state or a thousand miles away, the same principles apply.

The first rule of elk hunting is to find the elk. Seems too easy to say, but you can’t tag an elk if you can’t find an elk. The best elk hunters are the best at finding elk, thus they get many opportunities to tag an elk.

Know your season, know your elk, know you will find them. It is all predicated on a plan. Make a plan, work the plan, and show results.

In this video we give an overview of the series and explain what factors are taken into consideration when building a E-scouting plan. Edges, canopy disruptions, burns, sanctuaries, hunting pressure, and knowing what the elk need during the season you are hunting them will be the pieces put together in your E-scouting plan.

Follow along. We hope you find this helpful in consistently finding elk.

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