Elk NetworkE-Scouting for Elk with Randy Newberg and onX (Part 4)

Hunting | July 16, 2018

In this episode of E-Scouting for elk, Randy Newberg talks all about sanctuaries. Sanctuaries, security, and survival are a primary need of elk during much of the hunting season. The onX system is critical for identifying these sanctuaries.

Randy explains how you can use this information to your advantage and find sanctuaries before you even show up. Once you’re there, he discusses how you can actually go about hunting these places. He uses the OnX roadless layer to try and key in on some of these areas.

The goal of this series is to allow you to scout from home, via computer, and build a very solid hunting plan before you even head to the field. Whether you live ten miles or two days from your unit, this video series will help you plan your hunt, allowing you to be more efficient and more effective.

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