Elk NetworkGet Outdoors, Free Fishing Available in Some States

General | May 23, 2018

Temperatures are warming up across the country and for many that means it’s time to hit a favorite fishing hole. Many states are hosting free fishing weekends as a way to encourage more people to get outside.

State                Free Fishing Weekend
Kansas              June 2-3
Kentucky          June 2-3
Missouri           June 9-10
Oklahoma        June 2-3
Oregon             June 2-3
         June 2-3

If your state is not listed above, contact your fish and wildlife state agency for what is going on in our backyard.

The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation supports and supplies funding for youth camps, fishing events, hunting heritage activities and other happenings as a way to encourage children and adults to learn about conservation and acquire outdoor skills.

(Photo source: Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources)