Elk NetworkNosler Gets the Lead Out With Latest RMEF-Licensed Products

Sponsored Content | November 7, 2022

For years, Nosler has offered up products tagged with the RMEF logo, and the company then shares a portion of those sales directly with the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation. The family-owned company is continuing their support of RMEF with even more products as part of this program.

One of these new items is the inclusion of select offerings from the company’s Expansion Tip line of loaded ammunition. These lead-free loadings are fantastic options in areas that have prohibited the use of traditional lead bullets. This addition joins the proven Partition bullet and Trophy Grade loaded ammunition that have been part of the program for years.

Delivering stopping power and penetration on par with its traditional lead counterparts, the Expansion Tip loads are available in calibers sought after by elk hunters.

A boat-tail configuration, paired with the streamlined polymer tip, delivers long-range performance and expansion. When you also factor in the extremely high (95%) weight retention, you see deep penetration and consistently straight wound channels, which are critical when hunting elk.

Bone and muscle are no match for the Expansion Tip bullet, which gives hunters the extra advantage of delivering the shot to the critical areas, even from less-than-optimal angles.

Regardless of the local laws or limits, Nosler’s Expansion Tip ammunition keeps the ballistic advantage on the hunter’s side without giving up any performance from a lead bullet.

The Expansion Tip is available in three loadings in the RMEF program, including a 140gr 7mm-08, 180gr 300 Winchester Magnum, and 180gr 300 Weatherby Magnum. All are proven elk anchors and deliver when asked.

For more information on Nosler Expansion Tip ammunition, or to see the whole line of RMEF-supporting products, please visit Nosler.com.