Elk NetworkHow To Choose A Driven Hunt Rifle Presented by Sako

Sponsored Content | August 14, 2023

Driven hunts are an exhilarating way to harvest game, but with so many options to choose from in terms of rifle you should get, the task can be quite daunting, especially if you have no or little experience with it. We have gathered a few points that should help you in your rifle selection process. The first thing to consider when choosing a rifle for driven hunts is the type of game you’ll be hunting. For bigger-sized game like red deer, whitetail, wild boar, or moose, you need a caliber with enough stopping power to take down the animal quickly and humanely. In driven hunts, shots are usually taken at short to medium range, around 100 meters or less. This means that you don’t need a rifle with extremely long-range capability, but you do need one that is accurate at shorter distances. A rifle with a shorter barrel may be easier to maneuver in tight quarters, but a slightly longer barrel may provide more accuracy. 20″ to 24″ inches barrels are adequate and mostly recommended.

The main thing you need to pay attention to in driven hunts is to use a caliber that will deliver enough stopping power for the size of the game you hunt. Larger calibers like 9,3×62, 300 Win Mag, 30-06 Springfield, 8,57 IS, and 308 Win, equipped with the right projectile, will definitely provide the expected results on big and tougher game like wild boar, moose, or red deer. The caliber of the rifle determines the power of the bullet, which is critical for making sure your shots are effective. The Sako S20 ergonomics, equipped with the thumbhole stock, provide you with a solid grip for fast action shots. Its adjustable cheekpiece comes in handy to set up your sight alignment with the scope and put your eye on that rocket-fast running wild boar in a split second. To read more about our tips on selecting the right rifle for your next driven hunt and learn which Sako S20 rifle model is right for you, visit the Sako website