Elk NetworkHow To Clean Your Gun/Firearm

Gear 101 | January 5, 2018

A clean gun, is an accurate gun. Follow along with our friends from Browning to see the right way to make sure your rifle is clean before your next hunt.Tools NeededCleaning Solvent
Bore guide
Nylon and Bronze Brush
Nylon coated cleaning rod


Ensure your firearm is unloaded. Remove the bolt from the firearm and place out of the way. 

Start with a clean patch and a little bit of solvent to loosen the grim on the barrel. Place the bore guide into the gun and insert your cleaning patch.

Push the cleaning pad through the gun and let fall out of the barrel.

Switch over to bronze brush and push through barrel. To ensure the end of the barrel doesn’t get banged up, remove the brush and reinsert from the front. Run through it 5-10 times.

Now switch to your nylon brush and push forwards and backwards through the barrel another 15-20 times.

Now push your brass jig back on and run clean patches with solvent through until you push a patch through without black or copper fouling on it. In your first couple of runs, you can flip over your patch and re-use.

Finally, put a few drops of lubricant on a patch and run through to protect the barrel. 

Lastly, take one final shot in the field to remove any last amount of fowling and cleaning solvents. Then, get ready to fill a tag!