Elk NetworkLike to Video Your Hunts? You’re Not Alone

General | May 19, 2017

A new survey indicates more hunters are permanently capturing their hunts on video than ever before.

Sixty-eight percent more hunters videotape some or all of their hunts than just five years ago.

“As technology has become easier to use and easier to access, an increasing number of hunters are bringing a whole new enjoyable aspect to this very traditional pastime. Like photos, video is a great way to capture these important memories in our lives,” says Cody Larrimore, Southwick Associates research analyst.

Other findings from huntersurvey.com:

  • 31 percent of hunters report videoing their hunts for five or more years
  • A dedicated video camera/camcorder is most popular device (39%)
  • 31 percent use smartphone
  • 23 percent use helmet or mounted video camera
  • 7 percent use a still camera with video capability