Elk NetworkNew OnX Hunt App – Roadless and Trail Layers

Hunting | August 23, 2017

Randy Newberg, Hunter is in the onX Bozeman office, where Matt Seidel, HUNT APP product manager is doing a walk through of the new features, layers, and user interface in the recently released onX Hunt App.

onX has asked Randy to product test and work with them on designing more layers, new layers, that will help make E-scouting easier and give greater utility in the field.

This video demonstrates the roadless layer that Randy uses to find sanctuary areas; those unroaded areas public land elk like to go to hide from hunters. Also explained are the trail distance and trail slope layers items Randy uses to determine how distance and topography help create bull elk sanctuaries.

In the prior video Matt explained how the new features work and an overview of the six new layers. Each layer will be discussed in more detail in the next two episodes.Receive 20% off your OnX Subscription!Use Code “RMEF” at Checkout. A portion of the proceeds go back to support RMEF.