Elk NetworkPreparation of Sports Optics

Gear 101 , Hunting | March 14, 2017

It is no secret that hunter preparation weighs heavily in a successful outcome afield. Although it is often said; “better to be lucky than good”, when it comes to caring for, checking and preparing your quality optics, there is no room for chance. Follow these easy steps to your next successful pursuit.First the hunter needs to make certain the optics match the hunt. Your sport optics should correctly fit the species, location, conditions. Example: Use a 32MM binocular for mountainous hunting and save that 56MM for the low light deer or bear stand. Correct model selection is the first step to hunter success.If using binoculars from the previous season, a quick maintenance check of themechanical functions like the focus knob, diopter setting, eyecups, and hinge movement should be performed to ensure all are functioning properly. Allow enough time for service if by chance repair is required. Be sure to check that all binocular straps and harnesses are in good working order.A good and correct cleaning of all lens surfaces with a soft optics brush, small amount of an approved lens spray and a premium microfiber optics cloth will ensure those opening day views are crisp and clear. Riflescope zero should always be confirmed prior to going afield and reconfirmed upon arrival to hunting camp especially after extended travel. Make sure that the big buck you missed last year was not a problem with your mounting system. Check that all mounting screws are in place and secure.Always remember to return the protective covers to the adjustment turrets before heading afield.Keep protective lens caps on during storage and transportation. In poor weatherconditions I recommend hunting with some type of lens cover on. This will help keep dirt and debris of the lenses – a must for those of you hunting with an ATV.These checks and many more can help eliminate potential problems that you don’t want to occur afield. You are supposed to be enjoying your optics and your hunt.Have any other tips? Tell us below.