Elk NetworkPro Surfer Takes Up Hunting

General | December 15, 2017

Referred to by some as ‘the greatest athlete you’ve never heard of,’ Mark Healey relishes blood-pumping challenges. Ranked at or near the top among the world’s best surfers year in and year out, he’s also a part-time Hollywood stuntman, swims with sharks and is a spear fisherman, filmmaker and photographer. 

Then a couple of his surfing buddies turned him on to hunting.

“At a certain point, I thought okay, I’ve been in some pretty crazy situations with both of these guys. If they are both saying hunting is that intense and difficult, then it must be,” he told The Inertia.

Healey is now big into bowhunting.

“Having an animal in front of you after four hours of crawling towards it, and it’s now the moment of truth, and you want to get a good shot – I don’t even get that freaked out when I’m surfing giant waves that could kill me. It’s intense. Trying to focus and perform demands a lot out of you,” he added.

(Photo source: Mark Healey Instagram photo)