Elk NetworkSo a Moose Wanders into a Hospital…

General | January 9, 2019

It’s a common sight across Alaska. After all, there are an estimated 175,000 moose in the Last Frontier state. But a moose wandering into a hospital is a little uncommon, even in Alaska.

An employee at the Alaska Regional Hospital campus caught the encounter on video. The cow walked in the front door and helped itself to some of the greenery.

“It was amazing to see up close,” Stephanie Marie Hupton, told KTVA-TV. “I’ve lived here for three years and never have been so close, especially not in the same building as a moose. It’s an amazing sight.”

Apparently the moose wasn’t as excited as those who saw it. After a short visit, it nonchalantly turned and walked back outside.

(Photo source: KTVA-TV)