Elk NetworkUtilizing Optics for Long Distance Shooting Success

Gear 101 | April 26, 2017

Today the shooting market offers a multitude of tools for the supreme advantage of precise and confident shot placement at long distances. From the skilled craftsmanship of a precision rifle to the ultra-fast and flat shooting magnum calibers and new bullet designs, there are many potential combinations, all equaling the greater possibility of hunter success over long shooting distances.

The shooter needs to remember not to stop with the rifle and the ammunition as optics selection can also be a great asset in success over long distances.  Of course features like higher magnification, parallax adjustment capability, premium lens designs and mechanical quality are critical.  However the two tools that compliment a fine rifle and each other are a quality laser range finder and a premium riflescope with a ballistic reticle system.

Laser range finders can be monocular, binocular or incorporated into the riflescope and offer the shooter precise and immediate distance to target.  These platforms can lessen the amount of gear required or at least be found in a convenient compact package as optical quality in the premium segment is often on par with a quality binocular.  The benefits of superior optical performance and exact distance to target used in conjunction with a ballistic reticle like the ZEISS Rapid-Z ®allows the competent shooter to accurately stretch their reach afield.

This reticle allows fast and reliable compensation for bullet drop and crosswind to combine sighting, aiming and holdover into one seamless process.  If you are looking to increase your odds of success over long distance, consider adding a quality range finder in conjunction with a ballistic reticle like the ZEISS Rapid-Z ®.  Always remember there is no substitution for shooter competence, bullet placement and performance, and above all safety afield.