Elk NetworkWhen Golfing and Elk Research Collide

General | February 14, 2018

Elk sightings are a common occurrence in Loveland, Colorado. In fact, many of them roam in and out of the city limits all year long.

A popular place to find them is on the golf course where forage and space are plentiful. According to the Reporter-Herald, that’s where researchers conducting a multi-year study on Chronic Wasting Disease recently found themselves. They wanted to remove a collar used to track animal movements between Loveland and Estes Park, another hotbed for elk.

The research is a collaborative effort between Colorado Parks and Wildlife and Rocky Mountain National Park.

Biologists told the Reporter-Herald that the number of elk in the area rose dramatically following a drought in the early 2000s and a more recent increase in 2012.

(Photo source: Loveland Reporter-Herald)