Elk NetworkWildlife Officials: CWD Not Spreading in North Dakota

General | February 12, 2018

Wildlife officials in North Dakota confirm 11 cases of Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) in deer since 2009, but they also maintain the disease is not spreading. Ten of those 11 cases turned up in a five-square-mile area in Unit 3F2 in the southern part of the state along the border of South Dakota.

“The cases that were detected this year are right in the heart of where we detected cases in previous years,” Stephanie Tucker, North Dakota Game and Fish (NDGF) game management section leader, told the Outdoor News. “The distribution of the disease doesn’t seem to have grown.”

Since 2010, NDFG placed restrictions on the transportation of certain deer parts from 3F2 and also banned baiting in the region.

Since 2002, more than 31,000 deer, elk and moose voluntarily submitted by hunters tested negative for CWD.

(Photo source: North Dakota Game and Fish)