Elk NetworkWashington Residents Want More Hunting to Thin Growing Mountain Lion Population

General | May 8, 2019

People who live in northeast Washington are seeing mountain lions—a lot of mountain lions. Because of that, residents of Stevens County are circulating a petition to increase the hunting quota for mountain lions.

“It’s not like there’s an occasional cougar sighting. There are daily cougar sightings,” Ray Clark, local businessman, told KREM-TV. “Kids that live out of town cannot go out and play right now,” he said. “There are too many cougars. People that are hiking are buying handguns more. Unless you are living it, you’re probably not believing it.”

Current law allows hunters to take one mountain lion per year in Washington. Officials with the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife are working with residents to come up with a solution.

(Photo source: RMEF)