The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation provides equal opportunity in its business operations and employment practices, and maintains a work environment free from all forms of discrimination. We are an equal opportunity employer and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability status, and protected veteran status.


What we do

To ensure the future of elk, other wildlife, their habitat and our hunting heritage.


Desired future state

To be the best membership-based conservation organization and be exemplary stewards of our funds for the benefit of hunters, elk, other wildlife and their habitat.


Non-negotiable principles


Science-based Approach


Why we exist

To advocate for the collective interests of our membership, as hunters and conservationists,
on issues pertaining to elk, hunting heritage and other wildlife and their habitat.

Current Opportunities and Details:

Director of Government Affairs

Director of Government Affairs
Reports to: Chief Conservation Officer
Group: Lands & Conservation
Classification: Exempt

Date: December 2020

Job Summary:

The Director of Government Affairs provides strategic leadership in RMEF public policy efforts at the state and federal level. This will require close coordination and collaboration with other staff and contractors to ensure efforts are focused on organizational priorities, communicated appropriately, and effectively. The position will also take an active role in engaging RMEF Field Staff and volunteers regarding issues important to RMEF members, sportsmen, and wildlife.

Essential Functions:

  1. Working closely with the Chief Conservation Officer, contractors and other RMEF Executive Staff, plans, directs, and oversees RMEF’s governmental efforts at the state and national level.
  2. Participates in national and state legislative and agency meetings, sportsman’s caucuses, hearings and other meetings representing RMEF. Prepares oral and written testimony for national and state legislative and agency meetings.
  3. Tracks and engages in state and national issues relevant to sportsmen and RMEF members. Keep up to date and be knowledgeable on a wide range of natural resource, hunting, and wildlife management issues. Works with Chief Conservation Officer, contractors and other staff to draft and submit comments on federal and state rule makings impacting the organization’s interests.
  4. Coordinates with the Chief Conservation Officer in developing short and long-term organizational goals and strategies related to impacting natural resource funding and policy issues at the state and national levels. Monitors program effectiveness and affects changes required for improvement.
  5. Lead RMEF efforts to increase engagement in identified priority states. Engage and utilize RMEF volunteers to assist in state level issues.
  6. Develops and maintains direct working relationships with key national and state legislative and executive branch leaders and assists other staff to develop relationships with these individuals.
  7. Works closely with national & individual policy staff to create, implement, and expand strategic communication plans to support and reach national policy goals.
  8. Works directly with public agencies and other conservation groups to gain support and awareness of organizational priorities.
  9. Keeps informed of state and national affairs, policies, legislation, and regulations in order to serve as an advisor on the possible impacts to the organization.
  10. Keeps Executive Team, other appropriate staff members and RMEF board members up-to-date on any state and national policies, legislation, and/or regulations that are pertinent to RMEF.
  11. Works closely with other staff and appointed volunteers to develop, communicate, and implement position statements, editorials, policy, and communication materials for federal and state policy issues.
  12. Collaborates with other conservation organizations, American Wildlife Conservation Partners, agency partners, and other parties to increase effectiveness of policy development, communication and implementation. Act as a point of contact to coordinate multi-group activities.
  13. Serves as a public policy spokesperson for RMEF.

Supervision of Others
This position may oversee contractors.

Additional Responsibilities:

  1. Represents RMEF as a speaker, facilitator, participant and partner in selected state, regional, national, and international meetings and conventions.
  2. Perform other duties as assigned.

Education and Experience:

A bachelor’s degree in public policy, political science, business, communication or related field is required along with six to eight years of experience in these fields. Extensive background in the field of natural resource policy, conservation related fundraising, as well as experience crafting legislation and leading bi-partisan advocacy efforts with a variety of stakeholders is strongly preferred.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

  1. Thorough knowledge and support of the RMEF’s mission, goals, and activities.
  2. Knowledge of congressional process, including budget and appropriations and congressional press corps, and/or familiarity with wildlife and sportsmen related conservation issues.
  3. A working knowledge of state legislative processes, including budgeting and appropriations, timing, procedures, and ways to engage in the process.
  4. Knowledge of state and federal rule making processes and ways to engage in them.
  5. Ability and skills to work effectively with individuals from different political parties and affiliations, and proven ability to develop and maintain productive relationships with individuals from both sides of the aisle.
  6. Strong verbal and written communication skills including public speaking. Must be able to effectively communicate with large groups/individuals with varied backgrounds.
  7. Ability to professionally present RMEF’s values and mission in a clear, understandable fashion and represent RMEF’s brand.
  8. Proven abilities in conservation/RMEF mission initiatives.
  9. Must present self in a professional manner and be able to respectfully handle sensitive topics.
  10. Must have the ability to build effectiverelationshipsandcollaboratewithavarietyofdifferentindividualsandorganizations. Must be able to resolve conflicts and facilitate meetings effectively.
  11. Must be project, task and goal-oriented and have the ability to work in a team environment.
  12. Ability to prioritize multiple tasks, handle stressful situations, and demonstrate flexibility with changing priorities.
  13. Must have a solid understanding of non-profit fundraising efforts.
  14. Ability to demonstrate a creative approach to conservation policy development.
  15. Musthavethehighlevelofintegrityandbeabletobuildtrustamongstaffandoutsideindividuals.
  16. Must have the ability to use Microsoft Office.
  17. Must be able to manage a budget.

Physical Demands:
The employee must sit or stand for long periods of time; use a computer terminal; reach forward and to the side; bend from both standing and sitting positions; and lift items weighing various pounds. Must be able to travel extensively by automobile and airline. Travel on weekends and hours beyond the normal workweek will be required.The above is intended to describe the general content of and requirements for the performance of the job. It is not to be construed as an exhaustive statement of essential functions, responsibilities or requirements.

Regional Director - Southern Texas

Regional Director – Southern Texas

Reports to:    Director of Field Operations
Department:  Fundraising & Marketing
Classification: Exempt
Date: November 2020

Job Summary:

Field Operations is a primary fundraising division of RMEF.  Regional Directors organize local volunteer chapters to hold fundraising events, principally banquets, and perform major gift development activities to support the continued operation of RMEF and finance elk and wildlife conservation projects.

In addition to event-related fundraising, Regional Directors solicit donations of major gifts directly from donors or through RMEF members, volunteers and other contacts.

Regional Directors in designated elk states generally serve as the chair of their respective state project advisory committee from which conservation project recommendations are made for RMEF funding.

Essential Functions:

  1. Form RMEF fundraising chapter committees comprised of local volunteers.
  2. Organize, guide and assist chapter committees with the planning, organization and execution of successful fundraising events, including big game banquets, to meet annual budget projections.
  3. Actively utilize key RMEF volunteers, including regional, state, and district chairs, to assist in the identification and formation of new chapters and planning and execution of fundraising events.
  4. Utilize regional and state chairs to ensure volunteer compliance with RMEF operating and financial policies and reporting procedures.
  5. Personally solicit, and utilize RMEF volunteers to support solicitation of major gifts in addition to banquet revenues.
  6. Prepare annual fundraising income projections and operating expense budget proposals.
  7. Maintain liaison and professional visibility with state wildlife agencies, federal wildlife and land management agencies, university wildlife departments, and non-governmental conservation organizations, sportsmen’s groups, and outfitter/guide associations within assigned region.
  8. Serve as chair of RMEF state project advisory committee within assigned region, to coordinate the    recommendation of specific conservation projects for RMEF funding.
  9. Promote the goals, objectives, and accomplishments of RMEF through the media and public    speaking engagements as assigned.
  10. Represent the RMEF at various meetings, functions, and public relations opportunities, as assigned.
  11. Submit news items concerning RMEF activities to the appropriate Communication staff.
  12. Answer correspondence about RMEF activities and programs within assigned region.
  13. Maintain all records and submit reports as required by the Director of Field Operations.
  14. Keep the Director of Field Operations fully informed on all pertinent matters within assigned region.
  15. Regional Director will be responsible for working with key volunteers in establishing a State Leadership Team and together formulating and following a State Action Plan annually. The Regional Director will serve on the State Leadership Team and oversee the solicitation, review, and recommendation for approval process of the State Grant Program.

Additional Responsibilities:

Perform other duties as required.

Education and Experience:

Bachelors or equivalent degree in Business, Marketing, Fundraising, Communications or related field preferred, and minimum of five years additional experience required. Prior experience working with volunteers and fundraising preferred.

Knowledge, Skills, Abilities:

  1. Thorough knowledge and support of the RMEF’s mission, goals, organizational structure and activities, including biological, social and political elements that shape them, and the ability to promote them.
  2. Must possess excellent people skills and be able to develop effective relationships with a wide variety of individuals.
  3. Must be a self-starter with excellent organizational skills and be able to direct and motivate volunteers.
  4. Must be able to identify future chapter opportunities and recruit volunteers to capitalize on these opportunities to grow the revenue and volunteer base.
  5. Must be able to understand and determine annual fundraising income projections and operating expense budgets.
  6. Must be able to work cooperatively with wildlife and land management professionals in government agencies and non-governmental entities.
  7. Must be proficient in the use of office computer programs including word processors and spreadsheets.
  8. Must have excellent communication skills both verbally and written. Must be able to speak to large groups of people.
  9. Must have the ability to work independently without frequent, direct supervision and to remain focused on goals and objectives while also supporting the Regional team when needed.
  10. Must have the ability to work in and foster a team-oriented environment.
  11. Must have the ability to resolve conflict and be flexible with changing priorities, and able to manage multiple priorities simultaneously.
  12. Must be able to develop, cultivate and solicit major gift prospects and follow the Region’s development process while working in unison with the Development group, the Director of Operations, and/or other staff members.

Physical Demands:

Extensive travel is required on weekdays and weekends.  Must also be able to work any day of the week, including weekends.  Must be able to work late at night (often until after midnight).  Must be capable of sitting for long periods in a car or airplane.  Must be able to work at a computer terminal for extended periods, stand for intervals of 2-6 hours, and lift heavy items up to 50 lbs.

The above is intended to describe the general content of and requirements for the performance of the job.  It is not to be construed as an exhaustive statement of essential functions, responsibilities or requirements.

System Technician

Reports to: Managing Director of Information Technology
Department: Information Technology
Classification: Exempt
Date: January 2021

Job Summary:
This position is the primary respondent to IT help desk inquiries and is focused on providing excellent customer service to internal and remote staff. It supports the day-to-day activities of the Information Technology department including troubleshooting user issues, installing, maintaining and upgrading hardware, software, networking and peripheral equipment. This position is responsible for managing end user computer acquisition, upgrades, configuration and installation. The systems technician must be proactive in all areas and serves as a backup for the network administrator and facilities manager.

Essential Functions:
Respond to IT help desk inquiries and work to resolve customer issues.
Manage client computer acquisition, implementation, upgrades and decommissioning.
Setup user accounts and access to computers and appropriate software.
Set up appropriate security settings and provide staff security badges.
Install and configure network cabling and hubs.
Support telephone systems, including setup of extensions and voice mail.
Research, analyze and purchase systems.
Manage organizational copier and printer equipment and contracts.
Troubleshoot and maintain all hardware and software. Assist with testing.
Perform routine preventative maintenance on all computer system equipment.
Assist in software and hardware acquisition, support and service.

Supervision of Others:
Supervise all sub-contractors and vendors for IT projects.

Additional Responsibilities:
Perform other work as required.

Education and Experience:
Graduation from a college, university or technical school with a two-year degree in Computer Science, Information Systems or Business Administration, or equivalent professional experience. The candidate should have credentials and certifications on programming, operating systems and other additional technical expertise.

Knowledge, Skills, Abilities:
Thorough knowledge and support of the RMEF’s mission, goals and organizational structure and activities.
Ability to work well with customers with a variety level of skills and abilities.
Ability to provide excellent customer service: respond in a timely manner, follow-through and provide follow-up when necessary.
Knowledge of the English language, spelling and writing.
Ability to manage service and maintenance of computer systems.
Ability to be flexible with changing priorities.
Demonstrated ability to solve problems creatively and proactively.

Physical Demands:

Can sit for long periods. Constant use of office equipment such as telephones, computers and office equipment are necessary. Some light lifting and bending are also necessary. Some evening and weekend work may be necessary.

The above is intended to describe the general content of and requirements for the performance of the job. It is not to be construed as an exhaustive statement of essential functions, responsibilities or requirements.