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Through the pages of Bugle, we hope to inspire every RMEF member to help us do more to protect and enhance elk country. We like to explore issues affecting wildlife conservation, elk ecology, and hunting. We also enjoy sharing good hunting stories and some of the best wildlife photography today. By reading Bugle prior to submitting, you will gain a better sense of the kinds of stories we might publish. The magazine is not available on newsstands, but may be purchased at most Bass Pro Shops and Sportsman’s Warehouse stores throughout the U.S. We encourage and appreciate donated manuscripts, but gladly purchase them as well. We buy First North American serial rights, and our basic rate is 30 cents/word, paid on acceptance.

Guidelines for Submissions

Guidelines for Hunting Stories

The Bugle editorial staff seeks manuscripts depicting the world of elk and the hunt. Thoughtful elk hunting stories and elk-related human interest stories, including those written by women, are always high on our need list, as are essays on issues affecting hunting. Writers are advised to watch the “Call for Stories” announcements in the “Bugling Back” (letters to editor) department in each issue. Regular departments such as Situation Ethics and Hunting Is Conservation are always looking for relevant stories.

We prefer non-fiction hunting pieces in which the hunter’s satisfaction lies at least as much in appreciation for elk and other wildlife—and for wild country and the total outdoors experience—as in shooting a large bull. Sometimes the sheer difficulty or novelty of a hunt—and/or a writer’s style, tone or sense of humor—attracts our interest. We will evaluate your story based on content, writing quality and our needs for the coming year. This process may take several months.

Stories we use generally range from 750-4,500 words.

Guidelines for Conservation, Natural History and Wildlife Management Essays and Articles

One of our goals at Bugle magazine is to help educate members about habitat conservation, natural history and wildlife management. We seek to publish an array of elk-related conservation articles and essays from a diversity of writers—from wildlife professionals who write well, and professional writers knowledgeable about wildlife and conservation.

We accept unsolicited manuscripts, but prefer queries. Generally, articles range from 1,500-4,500 words.

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