Volunteers have made the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation one of the most successful wildlife conservation organizations in the world by committing their time, talents and energy to the RMEF’s mission to ensure the future of elk, other wildlife, their habitat and our hunting heritage.

Leave a Legacy

Volunteers are RMEF's strongest ally in conservation. Learn more about what it means to be a volunteer, see some of our volunteers in action, and contact your local regional director to learn more about how you can leave an impact in your area. RMEF Volunteers have helped to:

  • Protect or enhance nearly 8.4 million acres
  • Open or improve more than 1.3 million acres for public access
  • Complete more than 13,000 permanent land protection, habitat stewardship, elk restoration, conservation education and hunting heritage projects
  • To continue this legacy we are asking for your commitment and support. We need volunteers to participate at any level, as you are vital to the mission of the RMEF.

What does it mean to volunteer for RMEF?

There are many ways to become a volunteer for the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation. Below are just a few of the ways that you could serve in your local area.

Boots on the ground conservation work

This is where the magic happens, explore opportunities to get out into the field with other passionate volunteers and take part in meaningful, lasting projects that directly benefit elk and other wildlife.

  • Fence pulls
  • Public Land Access Improvement
  • Water Guzzler installs
  • Youth events and workshops
  • Elk Collaring or in-state elk relocation projects
  • Various habitat improvement projects
Join a Local RMEF Committee

Join our extended family and come together with other like minded individuals in your local area to plan and hold RMEF Banquets and other events, all of which directly impact elk and other wildlife in your state and nationally.

  • Help plan Banquets, Ladies Night Out events, local raffles, Gun Bashes, Pub Nights, and more!
  • Chapter Leadership
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • General Event Planning
  • Merchandise
  • Donations and local business partnerships
  • Don't have a RMEF Chapter near you? Contact your Regional Director to start one!

Whether a hands on approach or building camaraderie at a local fundraising event, you will be impacting your area as well as ensuring the future of elk, other wildlife, their habitat and our hunting heritage.

Watch RMEF volunteers in action

Boots on the Ground Volunteer Work

It was a disturbing discovery. Curt Nizzoli came across the remains of a great struggle while hunting in Idaho–the deadhead of a mature bull elk wrapped in more than 40 feet of electrical wire discarded from a way of life long since gone. A dedicated member of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation for more than 25 years, he took action and wrote a letter to RMEF. That sparked action. Motivated volunteers joined him at the site to roll up their sleeves and forever improve elk country.

Local Chapter Volunteer Work

The Tucson Chapter Banquet in Arizona has been one of RMEF’s largest banquets in recent history. More than 100 volunteers come together to transform an empty banquet hall into a high energy event for more than 1,000 banquet attendees. The event reaches new heights and new fundraising goals for RMEF each year. Take a look behind the scenes as this dedicated group of volunteers creates a great time for elk country.

Nominate an extraordinary RMEF Volunteer

National Volunteer Awards

Chairman's Award - Volunteers being nominated for this award will have consistently demonstrated exceptional dedication, extensive volunteer service and leadership. This award recognizes volunteers whose dedication, time and leadership exceeds all expectations.

Youth Award - The Youth Award spotlights volunteers under 18 who have demonstrated initiative and leadership in his/ her volunteer service with RMEF. These youth serve as role models within his/her local RMEF chapter; inspire others to engage in RMEF volunteerism and lead by example through their dedication, time and engaging others in the RMEF mission.

Get more information on volunteering with RMEF

New volunteer opportunities arise regularly. When you submit your information below, it goes straight to local representatives in your area who will contact you about opportunities that may be available. You can also click here to view events near you to contact a local representative.