Elk NetworkAlways Be Cautious, Even in Hunting Camp

General | September 6, 2018

You can never be too safe. That is especially true when it comes to handling firearms and archery equipment.

Want an example? Below is a recent post from the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife Police Facebook page.

Last week WDFW Officer Fosse, Day and Trautman were in the Winthrop area conducted a check station for the archery deer opener. While Officer Day and Trautman were contacting two vehicles, Officer Fosse heard a noise above him. As he looked up, he watched an arrow land within 20 feet of where he was standing. He was near a patrol vehicle on the other side of a campground and across a county road.

The officers quickly realized that the arrow had come from the direction of a nearby campground. Officers were able to locate the subject that had shot the arrow who claimed he had been practicing, by shooting at a foam target. While practicing he said he drew back on the bow and accidentally hit the release, causing the arrow to go in the direction of the officers. They also discovered the target was facing the roadway where the three officers were standing. The bow and arrow were seized as evidence and the subject was cited for Reckless Endangerment.

(Photo source: Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife Police)