Elk NetworkCharges Pending in Multi-State Poaching Cases

General , Poaching | September 15, 2023

Below is a news release from Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks. For 2023, Fiocchi partnered with the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation to increase the visibility of poaching incidents in an effort to reduce poaching nationwide.

Montana game wardens from around the state, including Kalispell, Billings and Miles City, recently traveled to Michigan, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Wyoming and Kentucky to follow up on long-term investigations of violations committed in Montana. Violations included license fraud, hunting without licenses, hunting during a closed season, over-limits of game animals, waste of game animals, tag transfer and unlawful possession of game animals.

“These cases involve complex, long-term investigations of the most serious type of violations of hunting laws in Montana,” said Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks Chief of Law Enforcement Ron Howell.

With the assistance of game wardens in the other states, Montana wardens seized seven elk, six mule deer, three white tail deer and two antelope. Charges are pending on all cases.

“Without the assistance of officers from the states involved, these cases would likely not be successfully investigated and prosecuted,” Howell said. “These investigations highlight the hard work and tenacity of our wardens to ensure that serious violations are investigated, and suspects are held accountable for those violations.”

(Photo source: Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks)