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General | January 13, 2017

Eberlestock has a passion for making functional, practical equipment that people can rely on. But just as important is supporting conservation and our hunting heritage. The family owned company was started by former Olympic biathlete Glen Eberle.

Eberlestock typically doesn’t do co-branded products. However, the belief in RMEF and its mission is so important to Glen that he developed a pack specifically for the elk hunter. He wanted a true, compelling, versatile, functional, comfortable, & practical backpack that would benefit not just the elk hunter, but any hunter out there. Beyond that, he wanted a great fundraiser for the Elk Foundation. A portion of each sale goes back to RMEF and its mission – to date over 19,500 packs have been sold, generating more than $260,900 in funding for RMEF’s on-the-ground work.

Eberlestock Partnership Includes:

RMEF receives a portion of the proceeds from the sale of this fine product:

Partners In Conservation

Eberlestock has achieved the Level V – Gold Medallion award in RMEF’s Partners In Conservation program. Thank you Eberlestock, for your support of RMEF!