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Sponsored Content | September 13, 2023

For many of us who grew up hunting in a different age, having a reliable, steady rest to hunt with at a young age, or any age for that matter, was mostly unheard of. We used any advantage we could; prone position, rested against a tree, the 2 x 4 on the front of our homemade tree stand. As you might expect, many animals were missed (or worse yet, wounded) and hunter success rates remained somewhat low in comparison to more modern times.

Lucky for us, and even more so for those new(er) to the sport, we don’t have to settle for a hold or a rest that is “good enough” any longer. BOG®, which started as BOG-POD, has a foundation of shooting sticks that were designed to help eliminate lack of stability in the field and raise hunter’s success. In 2019 BOG, fresh off a rebrand and refocus, introduced the world to the DeathGrip® family of products and helped transform how the world hunts and dramatically raised hunter success rates in the meantime. While not the first “clamping” tripod on the market, what BOG was able to do was create an extremely stable and dependable (4.8 out of 5-star average reviews) hunting rest at a value that hunters of all types could take advantage of. Since that now famous product release in 2019, BOG has worked relentlessly to design new DeathGrip family members that help make hunters successful no matter what species, terrain, or distance they choose.

THE OG DeathGrip®

The one that started it all. The one that changed the world. The original DeathGrip features a large-diameter leg system that is available in either aluminum or carbon fiber and is capable of shooting positions from prone to standing. The DeathGrip also features a fixed, dual-adjust clamping head, 360 degree head rotation, 50 degrees of head tilt, retractable steel foot spikes, lever-style leg locks and 3-position leg angle locks. The original DeathGrip family is capable of holding the lightest rifle to rifles as large as a .50 BMG. The original DeathGrip is available in 7 options:

Black Aluminum- 8.5 lbs.- $169.95

FDE/Black Aluminum (available only at Bass Pro Shops®/Cabela’s®)- 8.5 lbs.- $169.95

Camo DeathGrip 8.5 lbs.- $199.95

  • Realtree® Excape
  • Mossy Oak® Bottomland
  • Veil® V2 Camo (available only at Scheels®)
  • Veil® West River Camo (available only at Scheels®)

Carbon Fiber- 7.5 lbs., $279.95


DeathGrip® Infinite

The next rendition of the DeathGrip was released in October of 2022 and is designed for the hunter or shooter who requires a little more in their rest and is looking for a lighter-weight option.  The DeathGrip Infinite series features the same large-diameter leg system as featured on the OG DeathGrip, but with a more premium design. The Aluminum DeathGrip Infinite comes in a tactical OD Green finish and features the same full-sized DeathGrip head as the original. The Carbon Fiber DeathGrip Infinite features premium carbon fiber that is 20% lighter than the original. The major upgrades for the DeathGrip Infinite family include a 360-degree ball head system that makes any angle shot possible, and an Arca-Swiss mounting system that allows the DeathGrip head to be interchanged with spotting scopes, binoculars, SLR cameras or even firearms featuring M-LOK compatibility on their chassis or forend. The Infinite series also features upgraded interchangeable steel foot spikes, twist-style leg locks and the same great prone to standing shooting position capability.

DeathGrip Infinite AL- 8 lbs.- $299.95

DeathGrip Infinite CF- 6.5 lbs.- $399.95


DeathGrip® Sherpa

A close, but smaller-statured, sibling to the DeathGrip Infinite, the DeathGrip® Sherpa is specifically designed for backcountry hunting. Just like the DeathGrip Infinite family, the major upgrades for the DeathGrip Sherpa include a 360-degree ball head system that makes any angle shot possible, and an Arca-Swiss mounting system that allows the DeathGrip head to be interchanged with spotting scopes, binoculars, SLR cameras or even firearms featuring M-LOK compatibility on their chassis or forend. The DeathGrip Sherpa series also features an adjustable center post for micro-adjust and the same upgraded interchangeable steel foot spikes, twist-style locks and prone-to-standing shooting position capability of the Infinite. All at a weight of 4lbs!

DeathGrip Sherpa- 4 lbs.- $349.95


Versatile Hunting Solutions


BOG DeathGrip 360

Not all hunting situations allow for easy use of a DeathGrip tripod. With that in mind, BOG set out to fill the needs of customers who utilize two long-duration styles of hunting; ground blinds and treestands. For ground blind hunts where room is at a premium but long-range stability and hands-free capability are still required, BOG created the DeathGrip 360. The DeathGrip 360 features the ultra-comfortable, ever-adjustable platform seen in the BOG Nucleus 360 ground blind chair coupled with an adjustable DeathGrip shooting system. The DeathGrip 360 not only allows for 360-degree movement of the chair, but also the DeathGrip arm, allowing hunters the versatility to shoot in any position quickly and effectively. This hunting chair is ideal for rut hunts that require all-day comfort and the capability to be ready at a moment’s notice for a clean, ethical shot.

DeathGrip 360- $269.95


BOG DeathGrip Elevation

The BOG DeathGrip Elevation is designed for those who want to hunt 20’ up, but not necessarily with a vertical bow. Ideal for crossbow and rifle/shotgun hunting, the DeathGrip Elevation features an aluminum tri-arm design that fits into a robust ratchet-strapped mount and comes with a fixed DeathGrip head to hold the weapon of their choice. The DeathGrip 360 offers 25 degrees of downward tilt and a smooth 270-degree rotation, allowing hunters to take the shot at virtually any foreseeable treestand angle and even behind the tree they are sitting in. The DeathGrip Elevation is a quick-setup piece of gear that can be moved to any treestand on your property.

DeathGrip Elevation- $219.99