Elk NetworkFacing An Uphill Challenge

Volunteer News | March 23, 2022

As we all know, the past couple of years have been very challenging for RMEF, our members and volunteers.

Just one example was when Allen Kerby, senior regional director of eastern Colorado, was approached by a young couple at the Denver ISE show in 2020 wanting to reestablish the chapter in Granby, CO.

Then we all remember what happened in March 2020.

Over the next several months the group stayed in contact and met later that fall to start planning for a banquet which hadn’t occurred since 2007. Right when things were coming together, the Granby area was hit by a major wildfire and the local community was devastated. The couple who showed interest in restarting the chapter was forced to move after the fire. The best laid plans run across obstacles, and it seemed like this banquet would never happen.

However, RMEF volunteers regrouped in the fall of 2021 with a new committee and will host the first banquet since 2007 in the Middle Park area of Colorado on May 7th.  The interest from the community has been overwhelming and the chapter anticipates around 200 attendees for the banquet. They have already sold eight corporate tables and over $6,000 in event sponsorships. Contact Allen Kirby if you are interested in tickets.

“This shows the passion and dedication that our volunteers have in support of our mission,” says Kirby.

The state still faces an uphill challenge as some chapters have disbanded after a 2-year hiatus from hosting a banquet. Please consider starting up these chapters again as elk, other wildlife and their habitat need our help more than ever.

“In my 20-year career I have seen many obstacles and challenges our volunteers have overcome and stepped up to do wonderful things for RMEF,” Kirby says. “Keep the faith and continue all the great work you do for RMEF.”