Elk NetworkFire, Wildlife and the Economy

Conservation | June 5, 2017

Poor wildlife habitat has a detrimental impact on elk herds which have a trickledown effect on local economies.

“Elk over the last 25 years in the Lolo elk zone declined by about 15,000 in the late 80s to less than 1,500 (in 2016). That’s a 10-fold decrease,” said Jerome Hanson Idaho Fish and Game Clearwater regional supervisor.

That’s why land managers in Idaho are applying prescribed burns and managing wildfires. Better habitat equates into larger and healthier elk herds which translate into more hunters and more hunter-generated dollars.

The Idaho Department of Fish and Game, in conjunction with the RMEF and the Nez Perce-Clearwater National Forest, produced a series of informational videos to highlight the importance of prescribed burning.

This is the fourth in the series that includes:

  1. What is a Prescribed Fire?
  2. How Fire has affected Idaho’s Elk Habitat Past and Future?
  3. How Does Fire Affect Wildlife?