Elk NetworkGrizzlies Maul Yellowstone Hiker, Kill Woman in Canada

Gear 101 | June 4, 2021

A woman in Canada died and a man in the United States sustained serious injuries after encounters in the wild with grizzly bears.

The woman went for a walk on her property near the small town of Water Valley about 50 miles northwest of Calgary, Alberta. Alberta Fish and Wildlife Enforcement had reported a grizzly bear with a cub exhibited aggressive behavior in the area. After the incident, authorities captured two female grizzlies, used DNA samples to identify the culprit and euthanized it, and then released the other bear into the backcountry.

“This decision is never made lightly,” Alberta Fish and Wildlife told CTV News. “When it is made, it is to prevent more attacks by that particular bear.”

A few days earlier in Yellowstone National Park, a lone hiker encountered two grizzlies, one of which attacked him. He suffered significant injuries to the lower part of his body but was able to hike out on his own before going to a hospital in Livingston, Montana.

(Photo source:  Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks)