Elk NetworkHolland Lake Public Access Project

Conservation | February 14, 2018

Nestled between the Bob Marshall Wilderness to the east and the Mission Mountain Wilderness to the west, Montana’s Swan Valley offers one of the most scenic landscapes in Big Sky Country.

It is here that the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation worked with a conservation-minded family and the U.S. forest Service to permanently protect 640 acres of prime summer and winter habitat for elk, whitetail deer, grizzly bears and a wide array of other species.

RMEF then conveyed that land to the Flathead National Forest so it is now open to public access and belongs to all Americans.

The Holland Lake Project, as it’s called, is a crucial one not only because it protects the wildlife values of the land but because a threat of development hung over it.

It is now forever protected and features vital wildlife and riparian habitat as well as recreational opportunities for all to experience.

Opening and improving public access lies at the heart of RMEF’s conservation mission.

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