Elk NetworkHunting Bolsters Nevada Economy in a Big Way

General | October 18, 2022

New research shows big game and upland bird hunters spent $380 million in 2020 in Nevada. The results, released in companion reports Hunting-Related Economic Activity in Nevada and Hunter Expenditure in Nevada, showed the spending was about the same as 2019.

“More people want to hunt big game animals here in Nevada than there are available big game hunting tags,” Michael Taylor, a co-author of the reports, told Nevada Today. “That’s what makes hunting kind of a recession-proof industry. There are so many people who want to go, that demand stays strong even during an economic downturn.”

In addition to tags, hunters also spent money on goods and services as well as ammunition, firearms, archery equipment, camping necessities and recreational vehicles, among other things.

Some of the general findings include there are significant differences in total tag-related expenditures among big game species, ranging from $1,190 per tag for female antelope to nearly $6,000 per tag for antlered elk, and more than $8,000 per tag for ram bighorn sheep for resident hunters.

Nonresident hunters also spend more per tag than resident hunters, however resident hunters have higher total spending per tag that takes place in Nevada. Nonresidents spend a significant amount before leaving their home state, while residents make almost all their tag-related expenditures in Nevada.

(Photo credit: Nevada Department of Wildlife)