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Sponsored Content | September 14, 2021

The Meindl family has been building exceptional footwear for 11 generations; that’s more than 300 years dedicated to building the world’s best boots. And the only way for a company to remain three centuries at the forefront of boot-building, is to produce products that not only stand the test of time but also are ahead of their time.

As you would expect over such a long period, the Meindl family has developed footwear concepts and technologies that have revolutionized bookmaking. One of those game-changers is their Comfort Fit® technology, which has a name that tells it all, accurately conveying exactly what it does for the boot wearer; it provides comfort and fit.

Meindl comfort Fit Hunting and Hiking BootsComfort Fit® is a deceptively simple concept designed around the idea of building footwear to match the natural shape of your feet providing support, cushion, balance, and especially comfort. Built on an anatomically designed last in the shape of a human foot, Comfort Fit® provides more room in the toe box so there is more space for the widest part of your feet. Since your toes aren’t squished or confined, they have room to naturally spread and support you as you walk. Comfort Fit® also provides more width for the balls of you feet, which means your big toes remain straight, like they are on your feet, not crammed at an angle into a narrow or pointed toe box. This wider, roomier fit also provides a more stable platform for walking, hiking, on-trail/off-trail, and even for the most difficult terrain.

The narrow shape of the last’s heel (just like your narrow heels) ensures the fit and feel at your heel is snug keeping your feet in place, rather than rubbing up and down or side to side. Rubbing equals heat/friction equals blisters and we can’t have that.

Complementing Comfort Fit’s anatomical shape is the natural cork insole that molds to the curves of your feet to provide support, stability, weight distribution and shock absorption.

Meindl comfort Fit Hunting and Hiking BootsWe shouldn’t dismiss this layer of cork without understanding it’s many benefits. For instance, cork is relatively soft but densely compacted for these insoles which when subjected to daily wear will mold to your feet, creating a custom fit and maintaining personalized arch support and foot alignment. Perhaps the most appreciated feature of cork insoles is the natural elasticity that absorbs impact that otherwise would be transferred up to and through your ankles, shins and knees – and all involved joints. As well, there are strategically placed Poron inserts to protect your heels, ankles and joints from pounding as you put in the miles. And a metatarsal pad helps support your transverse arch, helping hold your forefoot in a natural resting position while supporting the metatarsal bones. Not to get all anatomical on you, but that’s how Meindl thinks, designing boots down to the anatomical detail.

And, in wrapping up, the perfect fit and natural contour of Comfort Fit® boots helps you walk naturally, aiding in each step and helping propel your feet – and you – forward.

Like we said, Comfort Fit® has been a game-changer.