Elk NetworkMinnesota Allocates 17 Licenses for 2023 Elk Hunt

General | May 31, 2023

Below is a news release from the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.

Interested hunters have through Friday, June 16, to apply for one of 17 elk licenses offered this year by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. Seasons will run from early September to mid-October. Hunters applying for a license can choose from two options. One license is for an antlerless elk, which can be a female or a young male. The other license option is for either a bull or antlerless elk.

New this season, the DNR expanded the boundaries of Elk Zone 20 near Lancaster to better encompass areas where elk have been during elk hunting seasons. The zone expanded by about six miles to the west and three miles to the south.

It’s important that hunters review the elk season structure on the DNR website opens in a new browser tab prior to entering the lottery to ensure they apply for the license they want.

(Photo credit: Minnesota Department of Natural Resources)