Elk NetworkMissouri Rendezvous – Elk Pen Removal

Volunteer News | September 28, 2023

On May 20th, volunteers from across Missouri teamed up to finish removing elk pens left over from the state’s restoration project. Fifteen volunteers spent a full day pulling wire and removing the enclosures. It was a continuation of a past volunteer project. The pens were removed from Peck Ranch, managed by the Missouri Department of Wildlife Conservation. The eight-hour work day flew by, with beautiful temperatures around 70 degrees and even a few elk supervising from afar.

“It was a fun day and a lot of work. I like rolling up my sleeves and working along side everybody,” says Eric Brown, Missouri regional director. “We were all picking ticks off of us at the end of the day but overall it was very successful and we got more accomplished that day than they had in the past, because the weather was so nice and beautiful!”