Elk NetworkMoose Leaves Hoof Print on Hunter’s Forehead

General | May 16, 2018

Things didn’t go quite as planned for a hunter in Newfoundland in eastern Canada. He spotted a bull moose, took two shots, it fell to the ground and remained there with all four legs in the air. He then cautiously approached.
“I thought he was dead. I laid my gun down and turned back to my fiancée and told her to bring down my knives. When I turned around again he was up,” Rodney Buffet told the St. John’s Morning Show.
The moose charged Buffett and used its antlers to throw him into the air and then hold him to the ground. Buffett said it seemed like a five-minute battle.
“I’m in a lot of pain. I’m sore. I’ve got a lot of cuts and bruises…a lot of pain,” he said.
And why not? He spent the weekend in the hospital with stitches and staples to help heal wounds in his hands, chest and head. He also has a dandy of a bruise where the moose kicked him in the forehead.
Buffett wanted to return hunting the following weekend but said the doctors wouldn’t let him.