Elk NetworkWatch: Wyoming 4th Graders Perform Original Elk Hunting Song

General | May 21, 2024

We, at the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, love seeing the many and often unique ways wildlife and hunting weave throughout our lives. We recently received a great video from some Wyoming fourth graders and just had to share. 

Recent Bugle contributor and RMEF member Thomas Wilson (Situation Ethics, p. 91 in the 2024 May-June Bugle) is the music teacher at Baldwin Creek Elementary in Lander, Wyoming. Students were given the task of creating their own piece of music, he says.  

First, they come up with a starting idea; it can be anything they want as long as it’s simple, original, doable, OK for school and interesting to the class. Then they turn that idea into a piece of music, with the teacher providing structure and technical help. Once the songs are written, rehearsed and ready, the kids get to perform for the community at their year-end concert. 

Mrs. Mulholland’s fourth-grade class decided they wanted to write a song in the style of a pioneer ballad. Even though many of the kids in the class don’t hunt, they decided the subject should be a hunting story. They came up with “Elk on the Prairie.”  

“I’ve lived this story,” Wilson added. 


(Video source: Thomas Wilson)