Elk NetworkYes, There are Elk in Tennessee

General | October 2, 2018

Some people may not know it but there indeed are elk in Tennessee. A car full hoping to see elk on their at Hatfield Knob in the Cumberland Mountains got an eyeful and an earful when a screaming bull elk crossed the roadway.

If you’ve never been or would like to overlook the area from the Hatfield Knob viewing stand, the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency has a live elk cam you can check out yourself. The best time to see the elk is just after sunrise in the morning or prior to sunset in the evening.

By the way, RMEF helped with the successful reintroduction of elk to their historic Tennessee from 2000 to 2008. RMEF volunteers Terry and Jane Lewis helped design and build the Hatfield Knob viewing tower in 2005.

(Video source: Brian McLerran)