Elk NetworkRMEF Staffer to Help Update Montana’s Elk Management Plan

General | October 2, 2020

Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks is ready to get down to the business of updating its elk management plan now that it chose 14 Montanans to serve on its guidance citizens group. Among them is Karie Decker, a hunter who also serves as the director of habitat stewardship for the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation.

The group will provide initial guidance for the revision of the Elk Management Plan drafted in 2005. Its goal is to identify and articulate issues with current elk management and define durable and overarching principles regarding the future of elk management in Montana.

Guiding principles from the citizens group will be presented to the Fish and Wildlife Commission for adoption and undergo public review before FWP proceeds with the next steps in the Elk Management Plan development.

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(Photo source: Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks)