Elk NetworkTucannon Washington Public Access Project

Conservation | August 1, 2018

The numbers don’t lie.

A Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation project in the southeast corner of Washington is a big benefit for wildlife and those seeking better public access to wild places.

The 58-acre acquisition not only permanently protects that sliver of wildlife habitat but it improves access to 2,600 acres of adjacent public land for hunters, hikers and others to use and enjoy.

The property slices through and is surrounded on three sides by the W. T. Wooten Wildlife Area which is home to elk, mule deer, whitetail deer, bighorns, black bears and a wide array of other bird and animal life as well as vital riparian habitat along 17 miles of the Tucannon River.

It also lies within the Blue Mountains Elk Initiative Area and within 50 miles of four other similar RMEF acquisition projects.

Opening and improving public access lies at the heart of RMEF’s conservation mission.

To learn more about RMEF access projects in your area, turn on the RMEF layer in the onX Hunt App to view project sites and boundaries.